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"Clearly, if what you see in games
right now, even in the best games,
is all we’re capable of doing, then
I’m getting out of the business.
I don’t know about the rest
of you...
there’s so much more we can do."
–Warren Spector

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you have a pleasant time and enjoy browsing my past work.


2015-08-02> Skills page updated
Wow. 4 years have passed? High time to update my skills page.
2011-06-15> It's done...
Finished the last point on my to-do list: A Guestbook. I consider this site pretty much done... for now. :)
2011-06-14> Contact and Impressum pages added
I added an impressum page (German law is pretty confusing at that point) and got the Contact page done tonight. D
2011-06-11> code tweaking...
Rewrote some code to reach IE7 compatibility. IE6 will be a bigger step.
2011-06-10> Back to life
MattTV is alive and kickin' again. Took an older db backup and added the needed fields. The videoclip is done. The capture program decided to crash all the time but the third try worked out. MattTV finally found its way to the portfolio page.
2011-06-08> Gone and corrupted
It gets even better... the last database backup is corrupt. Looking into the file... it's just garbled. However... found HostingSociety as a capable new freehoster for the game. It's the successor of spacequadrats freehosting offer though.
2011-06-07> The page cannot be found...
Error 404 Well... seems I was right to distrust spacequadrat. Wanted to make a video of MattTV... and the freeserver is no longer reachable. This is just great... don't know if webservice-4u allows browsergames on their servers.
2011-06-06> Another two...
Added "Wahlkabine" and "ZKM" (both with videos) to the portfolio
2011-06-04> Projekt1834 added
Dug out the old code and made a short video. So... Projekt1834 is documented as well now.
2011-06-04> And one more...
Did a video of OpenMPspy tonight and added it to the portfolio
2011-06-02> More projects added
Added Crystal Gate, Goal Machine and LGF-Shooter to the portfolio page.
2011-05-30> A New Hoster
I don't think there are other good freehosters, offering php and 1gig of webspace. So the site moved to a paid hoster. Comparing all those hosters and testing some of them took ages... but I finally found Their 24cent/month offer sounds pretty fair... and download speed looks good with about 8.5M/sec. Should be enough. I hope it's stable. :) .
2011-05-28> New hoster, new pain
Been trying out bplaced as a new hoster. Video download speed is a pain though... noone's ever gonna watch those at 20kb/sec.
2011-05-26> Portfolio page added
Been adding the portfolio site and been editing an Aquaricon2007 video. Unfortunately, my current freehoster, is going to become a full paidhoster. I'm not too convinced that they keep their promise to keep the freeservers online though.
2011-05-25> CV / Skills done
Added the CV and Skills sections in the last two evenings ... should I password protect them? Hmm...
2011-05-24> It's alive and kickin'!
Hello and hooray! finally goes online! :)
Having finished my studies of computer science at the KIT (the former University of Karlsruhe) a month ago, it got time for my own virtual showroom. Now... here it is. :)
Well. At least the start page and the design scheme. More to come of course.
Don't really like the colors yet, though.